Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Xiescive (@)
Title: Vs
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
BOUNDLESS is done now ' here comes with XIESCIVE a new chapter in the long-year music career of Trevor 'Xon' Weeks. A new project-name, yes, but musically rather more a step back to the debut album of BOUNDLESS, 'Perpetual', released in 2002 on the Albuquerque-based label DSBP. XIESCIVE features rather more the European Dance-Industrial attitude quite related to those past days, but with a more of updated sounds and developed programming skills ' as far as these featured 5 tracks allow a valid judgement. Trevor writes under XIESCIVE songs for the will to entertain, and for the masses to dance. It can be noticed, that the content of his lyrics are seemingly more light-hearted and easier-minded, as it has been often different with BOUNDLESS. No longer too much intellectual and religion-inspired lyrics, tracks and their title names like 'Time To Die' or 'Sex, Drugs And Electro' may service perfect any cliche. But it generally seems, that Trevor now acts more optimistic ' he writes well-going tracks for the matter of writing tracks, nothing more, and the lyrics are just the required feature to add humanity into his compositions. This all doesn't mean, that XIESCIVE is a fun-project ' I still think he takes his 'job' quite serious. In all a good beginning with diverse sounding vocals, his still blessed synth programming skills, and, and, and. But... how is it about a full-length release?
In latest news it seems that Trevor could arrange a deal with the US-label Nilaihah Records - all the best with your new label, comrade!


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