Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: CALOMITO (@)
Title: cane di schiena
Format: CD
Label: Megaplomb, AltrOck (@)
One of the most interesting avant-balcanic-fusion-jazz-rock ensemble from Italy, we've left them with one interesting debut, but here comes the second episode of their saga, some of the actors are the same, while some characters are new with the logical consequence the global sound has changed a lot. Somehow Calomito left their mediterranean warm behind their shoulders and moved toward a avant-prog direction. Don't follow it all too literally otherwise you'll think we're dealing with Emerson Lake and Palmer meeting Bregovic, these guys from Genova have a really different sound. Consider they own an incredible technical skill and beside having improved it more and more, the new additions reinforced the precision and the complication of the songs' frameworks. Sometimes they're so clean (I think it also has so much to do with the recording) they just risk to sound surgical in a too complicated way, not that they sound math like many of those jazz core bands, but it's not an easy architecture. At the same time some tracks have still that evocative power I remember they used to own, 'pappa irreale' is a good combination of musicianship and melody. Calomito has that vintage sound that has to do with the fact they deal with traditions, it's one of their best weapon, above all for everything is so clearly intentional, but at the same time they're non-stop working on structures and songwriting without just imitating the past that unfortunately is where the majority of the bands playing vintage inspired materials sometimes falls. Put your nerd glasses on.


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