Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Title: il buon senso spiegato al mio cane
Format: CD
Label: Snowdonia (@)
Rated: *****
Another pop recordings on Snowdonia, this label started as a weird mix of pop attitude vs experimental itch and they gradually evolved from the concept even if basically the trajectory they're following is almost the same. An overall good release, honest in its simplicity, sometimes funny and quite ironical that here and there reminded me of Vinicio Capossela and some other funny italian singers. Daniele Scardanelli knows both how to write a song and how to sing, the result is easy to be listened and enjoyable, very well arranged and the recording is ok, sometimes the music is a bit too similar to those who inspired the author, but I repeat the result is quite honest be for that weird "out of tune" sensation there's all around. Some influences from the past have been incorporated in what sometimes sounds as a drunk/stoned vinyl going at the wrong speed and you will agree that's a result itself. I think this guy writing skill is good and he's some interesting qualities, everything has to be focused a little bit but the essence of the work is good. This probably one of those record I will suggest to somebody without humor, but as I've already said, humor has a big part in the history of this sicilian label.


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