Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Echologist (@)
Title: Subterranean
Format: CD
Label: Steadfast Records
Distributor: Kompakt
Rated: *****
Born in South Africa, but living in New York, the fecund techno-maker Brendon Moeller also known as Echologist and Beat Pharmacy after a plenty of releases for Mule Electroniq, Rekids, Ann Aimee, Electric Deluxe, Third Ear, Ostgut Ton and the renowned Deep Space Media by Francois K (just to mention a few), tries to take new directions by draining away the beats from the classical structure of contemporary techno anthem without tainting the typical kinetic energy. Even if Brendon's approach sometimes plays off key so that someone has defined his style as a sort of shoegaze techno (for instance, when Echologist starts digging the mental ground of the listener in the inital title-track Subterranean, he inserts a sample of slow scratching which could writhe the mouth of some of them...just some slight flaws to be honest), its drilling is everything but boring and is able to induce a remarkable listening pleasure. One of the trick to confer some dynamics on tracks is the addition of resounding ultra-low frequencies (oscillating within a relatively short range of values...and in tracks such as Lunar Cycle or Deliberate - where syncopated punching on the sonic flow is the perfect surrogate of a bumpy bass-hit -, you're not going to miss electronic drum parts at all) and deep sub-bass, which, combined to some flounces on sonic spectrum and some airy reverb-soaked drones typical of electronic dub, ease the descent of the listener, a descent who looks like an ascent towards oneiric realms. Echologist knows how to play on knobs and buttons in order to dig deeper and deeper by turning drilled plates and shattered clods into levitating objects in the sonic space. The style he manages to explore in Subterranean could be difficult to describe, but it's very easy to be enjoyed!


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