Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Justin Varis w/Kevin Ponto (@)
Title: Mountains
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Audiomoves (@)
Rated: *****
I heard some interesting glitch emotional stuff from the American (from Cincinnati) composer Justin Varis, when using his moniker Claudia on Audiobulb and Frozen Elephants Music, and I wonder how's possible this knick-knack has been issued just on digital (for the moment) as some lover of this peculiar way of composition, based on the preservation of mistakes, could prefer having it on physical support. It could be justified by its temporal shortness... Anyway, his fuzzy ideas based on a bizarre way of interlacing some concise piano phrases in a sort of disruptive collage of fragments are equally appreciable. Im not sure he's trying to communicate something to the listener as Mountains could be just a detour by Justin so that burdening it with philosophical meanings could sound like falling head over heels in love, but I like even nasty pranks and that's my impression on it. Mountain could be just a metaphor of the poet's highesy viewpoint. The contemplative and somewhat peaceful mood induced by the vision from such an height transposed in the piano strokes are somewhat broken by seconds of total silence or bothered by external noisy objects (there're some field recordings interfering with plain intimate melodies); sometimes the same tonal sequence have different time or different arrangement in the sonorous space. I enjoyed imagine the five tracks (titled with single letter: F, G, C, E and L) are like a way of reporting the recursive backforwarding in different momeents and places by Justin's mind as well as of any possible "obstacle" acting like deterrents against the contemplation of beauty or any possible catharsis. Maybe you'll enjoy the same way!


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