Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: CRUISE [CTRL] (@)
Title: Red Or Blue? (Remixes)
Format: CD
Label: Meka Prods (@)
Rated: *****
RED OR BLUE is a remix album containing different versions of two Cruise [CTRL] songs coming from their latest album "How's Annie?": "Where is Alice? Alice who?" and "Pomona Road". The album opens with the beautiful cinematic version of Brain Leasure, who mix orchestral sounds with acoustic guitar, slide guitar and dark ambient effects. Sobria Ebrietas se.22 remix "Pomona Road" giving to it a dark e.b.m. flavor thanks to industrial noises and mysterious atmospheres/vocals. HIV+ remix of "Where is Alice? Alice who?" mix harsh industrial and obsessive e.b.m.. R3 Mute go for a similar approach on their version of "Pomona Road" but their used more electronics and less noises. Lambwool recorded a convincing version of"Where is Alice? Alice who?" mixing melancholic orchestral melodies and sparse synth arpeggios/rhythms. People Theatre gave a nice electro e.b.m. flavor to "Pomona Road". Operation Of The Sun mix of "Where is Alice? Alice who?" is a nice electro e.b.m. tune with hard beats and dreamy synth pads. Babylone Chaos mixed industrial e.b.m. to minimal electronic for "Pomona Road" while Laag for "Where is Alice? Alice who?", opted for a minimal approach with e.b.m. rhythms and samples. Bruit:Fantome did an hypnotic electronic version with acid attitude. Final Cut is the last band of the CD and they remixed "Pomonda Road" making it sound slow, nightmarish and obsessive. Most of the remixes focus their sound on the horrorish approach to atmosphere and played around the original ideas adding new sound layers but there are some of them that are outstanding.


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