Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Alipio C Neto/Thelmo Cristovam
Title: Triatoma Infestans
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
I know such a possibility is quite faint, but if you walked nearby emergency stairway of the psychiatric hospital Novaes Carvalho in Recife by fate on August 7th, 2007 (someone living in the northern emisphere and ignoring that seasons in the emispheres of Planet Earth are inverted so that expecting relax and sunbathing in that area of the world after transferring a lot of money in the bank account of some cheating travel agency could run the risk of suffering from some temporary mental illness!) and noticed some people on it, they were not maintenance men or security systems' inspector. The guys recording some sounds on such a bizarre location were the Brazilian free-jazz improv saxophonist and composer Alipio C Neto raping a soprano saxophone and the saxophonist and field recording's buff Thelmo Cristovam (playing a C Melody Saxophone). I ignore the reason why they chose such a place, but I can guess they were frightened by the possibility (not so faint) of nettling and therefore stimulating the aggressive activity of this nice blood-sucking bug (Triatoma Infestans aka vinchuca) mentioned and portrayed on the cover artwork, quite widespread in South America. Their 42-minutes lasting session, hieratically titled "Escape Apparatus" looks like a mantric carousel of breathing experiments (some of them reminded to me the salivary aspirator a dentist normally use in order to dry the fauces during an operation), vehement saxophone sketches reverberating on the metallic structure of emergency stairway, some nice instrument's resonances and bursting jazzy phrasing with any regard for melodical or rhythmical canons. You could hate or you could love it, but don't say it's not a musical celebration of total compositional freedom. Have a listen!


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