Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Evestus (@)
Title: This is Dramacore
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Maybe one or another of our readers has heard about the Estonian Goth-Rock producer and multi-talented artist EVESTUS, who can look back on some releases available via the Canadian D-Trash Records label. EVESTUS is not only the name of the band-project, but also the surname of Ott Evestus, the responsible mastermind of nearly all musically activities under this name. Although 'This Is Dramacore' is already out since a few months, I nevertheless feel the need to write some lines about this artistically valuable kind of work, because already the packaging and style of the booklet, as well as the intensely provided background information including bio, complete discography, and, and, and, about this artist are remarkable and I have seldom discovered anything comparable before. The booklet art reminds a bit on an old newspaper exemplar with an astonishing photo art. EVESTUS currently isn't signed to any label, as this one turns out musically to be a bit away from the rather Electronica-oriented label program D-Trash normally offers. Goth-Rock featuring some mighty guitar loops and cynical lyrics is one element, but EVESTUS also integrates a filthy sounding form of a typical Coldwave-related rhythm- and synthesizer-programming, as well as uncountable voice-samples inserted into the mix. This is in all a brooding misture, which receives some excellent moments through orchestral-like string sounds in a catchy manner, so I am quite fine with those rather calm tunes like 'Sacrifice' (also released as a Maxi-Single via Legendaarne ' this track has caused some promising reactions by the listeners in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions...), 'Pikachu Warriors' (yes, it's truly Pikachu...), or 'Gone'. One remarkable fact taken out of the outstanding info-sheet I don't like to hide for you: Both of Evestus' parents are bikers and his father is the president of Ãsel Motorcycle Club, one of the largest bike gangs in Estonia. Evestus still can't fall asleep in silence.' This album as well as the artist is something special and a must-have buy for all harder, but also open-minded Goth-Rock fans.


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