Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Culture Kultür (@)
Title: Spirit
Format: CD
Label: Caustic Records (@)
Rated: *****
It does good to see a music project still alive, which has been earned highly respect and which I had the chance, to consume them live on a gig now 12 years before. It has at least taken 5 years after their last effort signed to the German giant Out Of Line , until Salva Maine and Josua Clotet could decide to reunite and to start a comeback, now signed to their fellow Spanish label Caustic Records. 'Spirit' therefore collects some started new tracks and ideas, but it is mostly a witness of the years in between and the life experiences made after their last album 'Reborn'. Be assured, that their private life has had not only honey to taste. Musically, CULTURE KULTÃR are rather reinventing themselves ' still finding their inspiration out of artists like ASSEMBLAGE 23 or COVENANT, they offer their catchy form of Electro-/Synthpop music with clear male vocals and a club-oriented rhythm work. Tracks like 'Drum Machine', 'Never Again', or 'Sieged' are excellent additions to the play-lists of the international acting DJ's at the dark clubs. Good and quality rhythmic stuff ' but also known and expected from them. Therefore I tend to rate the rather slow, but dramatically arranged 'Dead Second' as being a highlight out this generally good and well produced album. Now backed up by the hard-working Caustic Records, we should have good hopes, that CULTURE KULTÃR will find their needed inner peace and inspiration, to return more permanently. 'Spirit' stands for their traditionally sound-design, so let's see and hear, what the future brings from them.


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