Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Title: The harvesting of souls
Format: CD
Label: Wallace Records (@)
Rated: *****
Funny name for a project that's more than dead serious and above all for what musically may sound like a slap in the face. This bands features unstoppable Massimo Pupillo from Zu and a plethora of other bands and one member from grind rollers Inferno with a metal drummer and there's no better presentation ticket than having mentioned their band of origin to give the idea of the sound. Germanotta Youth move at the speed of light remembering a more trashy keyboard version of James Plotkin's Phatnomsmasher meets Justin Pearson's Locust. A clash of the Titans you may think and you're right, infact imagine an hyper-kinetic sound on cocaine and you barely have the feel you get from this faster than fast cd. I can imagine some of you tapping your nose thinking fastness and loudness are nothing without control or a strong idea, but that's not absolutely the case since it's a well structured razor "expressway to your ears" just to quote Thurston Moore as they probably quote Ciccone Youth with such afunny name. Sometimes it's quasi-chaotic but I think it's evident how the production and the arrangements keep the whole "thing" together for good and what's more the dark-electronic or almost break-core interventions give an interesting cut to the whole recording. I'm not the greatest fan of some of these trashy keyboard sounds but everything here is really well balanced and also the sharp sound of the drum fits well in the bland above all if you consider the style of the drummer is really Nineties grind metal oriented (Morbid Angel, Deicide anyone?!). Nice shot man, nice shot!.


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