Friday, August 14, 2020
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Title: Chàsm' Achanès (huge abyss)
Format: CD
Label: Boring Machines (@)
Rated: *****
A single track cd that on Boring Machines that comes out almost simultaneously with Petit & Chapeter 24 and Mammuthones which some of you may know for his past duties in Jennifer Gentle. As I've said we have a long long drone driven suite that last for a bit more than half an hour, main instruments are a guitar, tapes and electronic devices. The structure of this suite is quite linear and simple, in some way the evolution of the track is quite ordinary infact in its linearity lays that hypnotic effect due to repetitions. The sound is good and despite its simplicity the recording gives this cd the aural credibility a serious record like this requires. As you probably have guessed yourselves the atmosphere is quite dense and crepuscular but according to the title's meaning the journey into an abyss couldn't different. Despite its obscurity this music has nothing to do with dark ambient meant in a traditional way and it's not just a matter of sounds but the fact in someway it all brings to some old isolationist works like Aura (Plotkins/KK Null), Eclipse or something in the likes. Despite some small changes the most considerable sound variation from the main theme happens around 22 minutes. The fact the guitar sound sometimes resembles the siren of a boat, also brought to my mind an old composition titled Fog Tropes, by underrated American composer Ingram Marshall.


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