Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: False Mirror (@)
Title: Derelict World
Format: CD
Label: Malignant Records (@)
Rated: *****
This was my introduction to False Mirror, the work of German artist Tobias Hornberger. The first thing that you are confronted with is a substantial booklet with the disc, containing a short story by Bjørn Springorum. The last time I saw a CD with a story attached was Current 93's 'In a Foreign Town in a Foreign Land,' with the accompanying tale by none other than Thomas Ligotti. I don't know if I would put Springorum's story quite on par with Ligotti's work, but it is clear that they are working in the same vein and the story is enjoyable. The story tells the tale of a cataclysmic storm that essentially kills all humanity. I will spare you the details because I do not think that this is yet a spoiler, but reading this while listening to the disc certainly colors the music. This seems to be by design. According to the label, Derelict World 'offers a truly apocalyptic concept that blends perfectly with the dense wall of sound on this mysterious ambient challenge: Nothing less than the end of humanity, brought upon this world by the relentless forces of nature forms the basis on which the resonating and thundering tracks develop into chimaeras of terrible momentum, ever-changing and ever-increasing their dramatic potential.' As for the music, this is superb. Hornberger provides extensive commentary on the production of his tracks in the booklet, so we get a sense of what he is working with. However, like any musical magician, he can tell us where he got the sounds and even how he manipulated them without giving us the ability to recognize them in the final product. Source recordings weave together with synth drones and disembodied voices that hide beneath the soundscapes. Some of his source material includes various flutes, rubbing fabric, a creaking wooden floor, an old ironing board, and Dr. Oetker gelatin dessert (woodruff taste, whatever that is!). According to his website, he even programmed some of the software used to create the music. But all throughout, you still get the feel of an empty earth and water, water everywhere, largely as a result of reading the accompanying story. If this all wasn't enough, there is also an accompanying quest online with clues embedded in the booklet and CD. This leads to a 'bonus world' site with additional material. I must admit that I haven't taken the time to try to solve the puzzle yet, so I can give no info on that, but this is an interesting angle to take. In short, this is one of the best dark ambient releases I have heard for quite some time. Highly recommended. This disc weighs in at around 73 minutes.


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