Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Artist: Aardia
Title: Conquest of The Ancient Halls
Format: CD
Label: Waerloga Records (@)
Distributor: Waerloga Records
Rated: *****
Aardia is a Swedish trio that started creating music together as soon as 1999, making music to underground horror films (mostly in the Zombie genre) and creating demos, have songs on compilations and more. 2008 they joined Waerloga Records, a label that releases Za Frumi and other dark fantasy inspired groups, and now in the early parts of 2011 the debut album is released.

According to Waerloga Records the process has been very slow and demanding but really worth the while. Not many albums like "Conquest of The Ancient Halls" reach me but when they do I get really happy.

The music is bombastic at times and more moody at others. Arcana, Za Frumi, Erdenstern and film music to fantasy movies comes to mind when listening. One thing that strike my right away and that's the great sound of the album. Simon Kolle of Za Frumi have both mixed and mastered the album and that was a great move by Aardia for sure!
Another thing that I really like is the way the music feels so well done. The music is neo classical at times, but does not resemble classical music as much as music for the movies.

The album is clearly made with inspiration taken from dark fantasy and I think this is the best Waerloga release in a while. A friend of mine visited me while listening to the album and she asked me from which new computer game the music was from and first I took that as an insult but she did not meant it that way. Music to computer games now a days is made by really good composers and some of the games sell in millions.

Conquest of The Ancient Halls got no bad song and one hit in the bombastic and action packed piece called The Conquest. Great work, I am impressed and will listen to Aardia a lot this spring.


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