Friday, August 7, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Zombiet Commandos From Hell! Sonic Assault! (An Electronic Soundtrack to Humanity's Final Conflict)
Format: CD
Label: Geska, Optikon, Boneyard Press
Apparently while that warhead monkey of G.W. Bush is gearing up for the oil war that is gonna make him richer and probably leading a nation partly destroyed by nuclear retaliation, somewhere else somebody else is already scoring the soundtrack for those terrible events as they unfold. Geska recordings, together with who published this CD's very fine designer and compiler Steph Dumais' comic series "Zombie Commandos from Hell!" ( and Optikon records, have dropped this electronic nuke into the battlefield triggering musical burst of impressive firepower and ammunitions of samples and sequences shooting off from all over the world. This zombie war's combat team is composed by Milligramme, Headscan, Implant, Mimetic Data, Cage Decay, Empusae, Negative Format, Tarmvred, Mlada Fronta, PTSMC, SMP, Mind COnfusion, Andraculoid, Flint Glass, Babel-17. Readers of Chain D.L.K. should be familiar with at least half of these names and thus should also know that the type of sonic explosions involved range from industrial/power noise to electronic/dark-electro all the way through dance/techno tunes. The nice thing is that most bands followed the topic and contributed war-themed tunes and some were able to actually draw a picture of it that goes beyond simply the use of speech sampling from war movies. This one is standing out of the crowd, that is if there will be a crowd left after Bush destroys all evil in the world except for himself. By the way check out Steph Dumais's art work, really cool guy, really great work!


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