Thursday, July 9, 2020
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TESLA BOY: Rebecca

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Title: Rebecca
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Mullet Records (@)
Distributor: Juno Download
Rated: *****
Take a pinch of a ballad, a good spoonful of dance funk rhythm and then mix with a sensual vocal and you'll have "Rebecca" by Tesla Boy. The new remix EP released by Mullet Records is celebrating this great track with a radio edit and three new remixes. The first remix is by Satin Jackets and it's a surprise, because they enhanced the sensual atmospheres by turning it into a dance mid tempo with strings pad, atmospheric piano chords and fat funk synth bass lines. The result is so good that Justin, Mullet Records' boss, decided to include also the instrumental version. Solila, instead, beats hard with a 4/4 tempo, increasing the beats per minute and alternating synth bells, arpeggios, pads and catchy lead melodies. Estate did a bold enterprise by changing the vocal melodies, you know, "Rebecca" has a catchy vocal passage with a pitch down melody and Estate removed it and decided to bet on its dance quality with bouncing rhythms, synth chords and funk bass lines. They did a great job but I still miss that passage... Great tune and good remixes, so check this out!


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