Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Artist: MZ.412
Title: In Nomine Dei Nostri Satans Luciferi Excelsi
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
Released for the first time back in 1995 by Cold Meat Industry, IN NOMINE DEI NOSTRI SATANAS LUCIFERI EXELSI was the first album by MZ.412 after the name change from Maschinenzimmer 412 (with that name they released the albums "Macht Durch Stimme" and "Malfeitor"). Back then the four band members were still painting their faces and used different names (Henrik "Nordvargr" Bjorkk was often credited as Kremator, then there was Drakhon, Shaitan and Ulvtharm) and universally they were recognized as the inventor of black industrial, a genre that mixes industrial noise, ritual ambient and black metal atmospheres. This new reissue is the first of the Cold Spring reissue series that will release the five MZ.412 albums individually and on a limited to 300 copies wooden box containing also some extra material. All the albums have been remastered and have bonus tracks and also the design has been updated and the covers now recall the Deutsche Grammophon logo, due to the fact that we're dealing with classic material of industrial music. "Daemon Raging", "In Nomine Dei" or "God Of Fifty Names" now sound bright and powerful and I hear them like "opened". Now you can distinct every digital distorted sound, the samples and the drones and you're able to enjoy the experience at full. On this album you can find also three extra tracks of which two unreleased: the opening "Black Earth" (starting with light clanging sounds and distant tones, the track little by little grows mixing a ritualistic mysterious atmosphere to percussions, feedbacks and distant distorted vocals), "Surge 2" (digital noises with blasts and filtered vocals are the core of the track but some melodic lines enrich the atmosphere here and there) and "Infinite Hollow" (it sounds like an industrial mix of classic music thanks to the viola and orchestral reversed inserts just to turn into a pounding industrial battling soundtrack with metal percussions). This reissue is a must to rediscover a classic album. Don't miss it!


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