Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: IRON MOLAR (@)
Title: e poi piove
Format: CD
Label: Solitude Beast
Rated: *****
2 + 2 still equals 4?'¦sure, above all when a recording and a band is the sum of its parts and after having hear their latest solo works I dare you to deny that Massimo aka Iron Molar are not the algebraic sum of Iron doing most of the ambient/droning sounds and Jacopo aka Evil Purpose doing the most noise, crackling things. Freak brothers gone bad are back and holy shit the whole works moves like a bad acid trip, differently from some of their previous works Iron Molar are concentrating more on shorter tracks and it helps a lot since they stop right before getting boring, but not before pushing you there close to the limit of hypnosis. Differently from the past they're more and more oriented toward a freaky psychedelic sound and in someway left dark ambient behind their back and they're definitely gaining personality. If you listen to their last releases they put emphasis to the bastard noise, weird/odd noise influence which in their case means loops are more cyclical and floating ashore but at the same time avoiding easy drones which nowadays has become a sort of standard in many genres. Rhythm and sound definition have become central in their own evolution and probably recording and mixing with Bob at Alampo's helped developing every single idea and aspect. Everything has become clearer, more clean but not aseptic yet therefore this cd has nothing to do with those digital noise's clean but in a really warm way!. Even when working with drones they did it in a really smart way and the closing suites are good example of it all, they're not so predictable but at the same time several different stops and go make the listening quite interesting. Dark music for dark people? Odd music for heavy freaks?...and why not dark references?...infact the title itself is probably referred to one of the most depressive songs from 90's roman hardcore heroes Concrete. Punk's not dead...but has become trippy.


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