Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Architeuthis Walks on Land (@)
Title: Natura Naturans
Format: CD
Label: Carrier Records (@)
Rated: *****
I had never heard of this project, which is a collaboration between Amy Cimini (viola) and Katherine Young (bassoon). I have to agree with the press sheet that notes that 'viola and bassoon are two instruments rarely associated with free improvisation and noise.' I think that the bassoon is a great instrument, but in this disc, Young takes the instrument to places rarely heard with bassoon from the onset, laying down harsh drones that have a jagged waveform quality to them. On 'Inside/Outside I' it is Cimini's turn to try to push her instrument, plucking and grating on it. Yet others, like 'Glitterbird,' demonstrate that these are two well trained, skilled musicians rather than the standard assertion that free improvisation is the refuge of the unskilled musician. 'The Field' is a stunning piece of bassoon improvisation (now there's a phrase I never expected to write for ChainDLK), which begins with a spastic machine gun of notes, giving way to a languid melody with a nice use of silence and dynamics. Overall, this is an interesting disc and classical music enthusiasts who have an experimental bent would enjoy this. The best comparison I can give would be Kronos Quartet. File this under experimental classical. The disc weighs in at around 37 minutes.


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