Monday, August 3, 2020
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Mortuor: I’m Waiting For You…

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Artist: Mortuor
Title: I’m Waiting For You…
Format: CD
Label: Syzmic Records (@)
Rated: *****
I had not heard of this project, but evidently he is also the man behind Subklinik, a project I had not thought for almost 10 years when I acquired Dawn of Desekration from Live Bait Recording Foundation. He has been fairly active since that time and this seems to be a new project, with only two releases and as many compilation tracks (one of which shows up on this album). His website proclaims: 'The stale state of experimentalism has forced this, the union of sickness and sound. A tribute to the forerunners of power-death electronics. Pure emotion. Pure sickness. Pure power. Nothing compromised.' Let's see if he lives up to this. One thing I will give him is that he is all about atmosphere. There is still the static wave and the pulsating electronics, but this is not really noisy. That said, it is also not really oppressive sounding, but there is an ominous undertone here. This makes sense, as this release is 'dedicated to the memory of Marco Corbelli and the Italian Death Industrial movement.' Marco Corbelli was better known as Atrax Morgue. With song titles like 'Dead Love,' 'Whore on the Floor,' 'Skalpel Inzertion,' we can see this influence. The vocals are more distorted spoken word rather than the typical screaming one would expect. When you can understand the lyrics they are fairly dark 'your mother gave up on you,' and 'nothing to live for,' for example. If you like atmospheric power electronics that skirts the line with dark ambient, this is your disc. This disc weighs in at around 34 minutes.


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