Friday, September 25, 2020
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Inhalant: Save Our Souls

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Artist: Inhalant
Title: Save Our Souls
Format: CD
Label: Syzmic Records (@)
Rated: *****
If you are not familiar with this Texas-based artist, Inhalant is harsh noise. I had not heard much from this project with the exception of once being on the same compilation, but I had heard much about him so I was quite interested to hear this. This album comes packaged in a nice A4 folder. Now to the music. 'All or Nothing' is a bit too heavy on the high pitched noise spectrum for my tastes, but the use of sampled voices seems to fit well into this track. 'Death is Laughing' seems to use completely obliterated voice to punctuate the static hum that permeates the track. This is much closer to the power electronics side, except for the fact the voice is completely unintelligible. Yeah, I know the same can be said for most PE stuff, but in this case, it seems to act more as an instrument than a voice. 'No Surrender' is a more rhythmic, syncopated venture in a similar vein to the previous track, but I can't help feeling that it seems a bit thin. It's harsh, but a bit too sparse for my tastes. 'Body Trap' goes back to the old school of noise, with grinding, staticy goodness. This is much more complex than the previous tracks. Like the others, there are vocals at the end that are completely unintelligible. One thing you have to love about noise albums is the fact that you can pretty much put any title on a track. This leads to some gallows humor at times and 'Lick the Dead' is no exception. This goes back to the PE/Noise hybrid that he is throwing down. 'Save Our Souls' puts forth the strongest track, with waves of static washing over a sea of noise. Intense and heavy and nicely done. Overall, if you like the aesthetics of power electronics but wish they would just shut up and get with the noise, Inhalant is your man. This disc weighs in at around 37 minutes.


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