Friday, August 7, 2020
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Live Act(s): itsnotyouitsme (Grey McMurray/Caleb Burhans/Theo Bleckmann/Skúli Sverrisson)
Event Date: 2 December 2010
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: The Stone
Rated: *****
itsnotyouitsme is the impromptu name of one of the many projects these musicians are involved with. I'm a fan of bassist/composer Skúli Sverrisson's work (see the review of his latest CD on these pages) and I had heard of vocalist Theo Bleckmann (who also curated the Stone) but I had never seem him perform. Also Grey McMurray (electric guitar) and Caleb Burhans (violin) joined for the occasion.
As you might imagine if you know these musicians it was a set of moody, ethereal and relaxed improvised ambient. Skuli worked his pedals and his bass to create the magic he's known for while Theo sang, sampled, pitched, processed and looped his vocals layering them over and over to create intense swoops of sounds or even soloistic background lines that almost sounded like a second violin interacting with what Caleb was doing. And all the meanwhile Grey was forging his purple sounds using the guitar and his delays and other pedals or even no amplification at all (as he did in the very closing notes of the set).
I really enjoyed the concert a lot and I recommend you go out and try to see Skuli play next time he does. Also support the Stone, the only live music venue in NY for/by musicians!


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