Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Brand X
Title: the X-Files
Format: CDx2 (double CD)
Label: Musea (@)
Not sure this is actually suitable content for a publication like ours but we'll do an exception because it's a label that usually does different stuff... Not that I dislike it, on the contrary, I dig this stuff a lot personally, but we have made a commitment to our readers to be as true as possible to our initial goal to give exposure to electronic/industrial music and the like... So please, labels out there, take a note and remember we don't review jazz/rock/blues/metal etc... Anyway back to what is important in the end: the music. We hope that readers, the band and the label will excuse if we have used a couple of lines of this space to clarify our goals and guidelines, once again.
So, first off, Moulder and Scully don't have anything to do with this. Brand X is an american combo (I belive they're New Yorkers) with incredibly talented musicians who's been performing a mixture of progressive rock and free-jazz with occasional sprinkles of funk for at least two decades. Almost no vocals (except for guests) these two gifted cats, John Goodsall (guitar) and Percy Jones (bass), supported by a number of likewise hot musicians, basically plays fusion in its maybe truest form. Think Uzeb, Jetro Tall, Earth Wind and Fire, Japan, Gong, Weather Report, Genesis, Pat Metheny and other prog-rock/art/fusion/jazz bands out there...
"The X Files" is a double CD "best of" that collects tracks spanning between 1976 and 1999, including studio out takes, live versions (NYC and Japan Tour), remastered stuff, previously unreleased tracks etc. Special guests include Bayete, Malcom Bruce, Bill Bruford, Mike Clarke, Phil Collins from Genesis (singing through a really crappy mic), John Giblin, Frank Katz, Robin Lumley, Pierre Moerlen (Gong), Morris Pert, Chester Thompson, Danny Wilding and at least a half dozen others.
Considering our audience's tastes not too many will probably run to a store to get this, which is too bad 'cause its a good collection of tracks (both for who simply loves good music and for those crazy about virtuoso, as there is some really dope playing, especially guitar solos and bass fingering...) and according to the band: "this is a much more accurate representation of our work over the past 20 years than anything else that is out there".


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