Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Redrum Alone (@)
Title: My First Kernel Panic
Format: CD EP
Label: Ufo Solar
Rated: *****
Redrum Alone is an Italian duo active since 2006, formed by Tommaso "Qzerty" Danisi e Piero "Peet"Pappalettere. MY FIRST KERNEL PANIC is their second EP which follows their first one "Patchcord", released in 2007. The four original tunes of the EP take as reference dance electro and techno music, focusing the mid tempo tunes on catchy melodies, vocorder filtered and clean vocals, bouncing bass lines and 4/4 rhythms. The MCD is opened by "Fractured reality", a convincing song which with the following "Oniricact Part 3", recalled me someway The Presets, a bit of Tomcraft and a bit of Tiga. "Using interface" is nice but is missing something (the vocals don't convince me too much). "Oniricact Part 2" is a nice electro techno atmospheric tune with stops and go and good dance beats. The EP is closed by a remix of "Oniricat Part 3" reworked by Digitalica: they turned the original track into a dance cinematic electro tune thanks to syncopated bass line arpeggios and subtle synth melodies. A nice EP which is available on the major digital tune shops or as CDr directly from the label for 3 euros only.