Friday, August 7, 2020
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Katscan: Feral Bios

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Artist: Katscan (@)
Title: Feral Bios
Format: CD
Label: Nightbreed (@)
Distributor: EFA / SPV / PHD / Electric Blu
These two individuals and their attitude are most likely considered sick and shocking by the so called "normal" sheePeople, or whatever else you enjoy calling your fellow earthlings, but in our world, where true meaning is to be found beyond mere appearance, I still don't know whether these dudes are to be placed in the Marylin Manson category of bands just trying to draw attention through disturbing graphics and images of politico-social provocation or part of those few fine folks who actually find it amusing to shock bourgeoise masses but who try to go beyond superficiality and deliver a message about something real... According to the booklet they get inspired by american trash-tv such as Jerry Springer, Montel, Riki and all that other crap-talk-show garbage, so that would probably credit the latter possibility, I just don't know for sure, and because I hate the all-appearance-no-content acts such as Manson, I am just a little skeptical... Considering that they call their music electro-punk I would think they are the real thing... The images of vivisection laboratory's horrible results, representatives of stupid racial groups and other stuff like that makes me think they really care. Musically their music is infested by samples (a lot of speech samples) taken from a number of different places... If cyber punk is what they like to call it that the word "punk" is there to identify their attitude and heart. Not much punk in the music (except of some fast beats here and there), more like power-ebm with distorted vocals, electronic beats and industrial. Sounds a lot European actually and reminds me of older stuff at times (Cat Rapes Dogs etc) but fortunately they don't play like clones of the good old eighties, they achieved to actually sound like a current band and they sound pretty good too, at least not boring, that's for sure... I am sorry if I have been a little too picky and over-critical about them, I just have these reactions when I am not sure whether I am dealing with genuine feelings or theatrical acts. But they sure are a valid band worth to be checked out.


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