Friday, June 5, 2020
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SaM: Brainwasher

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Artist: SaM
Title: Brainwasher
Format: CD
Label: ProNoize
Distributor: Broken Silence
The siblings who by chance happen to be the members of SAM show no signs of slowing down and go on the offensive with their third fulltime release. Their technodustrial sound has been known and liked since 2004 while there hits are a constant part of the club-landscape. As the title allows presuming this time around SAM is going to make sure you get seriously brain washed.
The introduction informs the listener that listening to the album may cause some permanent brain damage and you are going to enjoy it on your own risk. Well, the blast truly are immense.
The intro is followed by 12 bellicose tracks all of which feature spoken samples supposedly mainly taken from B-horror movies. I could recognize only one of them: 'Ich bin keine Nummer. Ich bin ein Mensch'. Those of you familiar with Iron Maiden will recognize it too, once I translate the line into English: 'I'm not a number. I'm a man'. Since I don't watch much B-horror flicks I could not recognize any further ones, but maybe your luck will be better.
Sure as hell tracks such as 'Mad As Hell', 'Name And Number' or/and 'MKSEARCH' will make it to the relevant clubs and make sure people move their body parts on the dance floor.
What I miss here is some vocals (yes, synthesized would be accepted) and lyrics with content, that express more than aggression. The album reminds of Combichrist minus vocals, drums, guitars, imagination. This album kicks ass, but it can only touch a robot. For the same reason these perfectly recorded tracks don't stay in your memory for very long.
You listen to it on your own risk, but, as they say, no risk, no fun.