Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Dawnfine: Imperfect Thoughts

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Artist: Dawnfine
Title: Imperfect Thoughts
Format: CD
Label: Hybrido Records / Soulshadow Store
Distributor: Wave Records
Rated: *****
The international promotion campaign of the Brazilian label Wave Records (among others PECADORES) made it possible to discover Brazil's biggest talent in the Synth-/Futurepop-genre since the renowned trio of the 3 COLD MEN: DAWNFINE, also operating as a trio, have released their debut album under the flag of small local labels/record shops like Hybrido, in collaboration with Soulshadow store and Sensorial Discos (distribution in Brazil). Although a debut release, the three members of DAWNFINE seem to be friends since the mid-90ies. Hailing out of Goiana City, Marcus Paulo (vocals), Jeovane Cazer (synths, guitars) and Jethro Mendonca offer a catchy form of Alternative-/Pop-music mayhem, which draws a strong influence out of the golden 80ies with acts like DEPECHE MODE (of course!), AND ONE, or some of the Scandinavian-based idols like early APOPTYGMA BERZERK or NEUROACTIVE. Quite big and international renowned names for possible comparisons, this trio perfectly blends the best extracts to integrate them into their own sound. Synth arrangements and their sound environment are professionally chosen and are satisfying higher musically tastes ' while I wouldn't go that far to call this band in any form innovative. DAWNFINE are experienced and matured musicians, who know well, how to push the right buttons, without touching new or before undiscovered music paths. The completely in English offered lyrics provided through a smooth and well sounding male vocalist are too witnesses for their longing for international recognition ' since all terms of the production are flawless, this target should be reached soon. Keep an eye and an ear on them!