Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Venetian Snares
Title: My So Called Life
Format: CD
Label: Timesig Records
Rated: *****
Timesig Records is the new personal label of Aaron Funk a.k.a. Venetian Snares and the first release is, obviously, a new record by Venetian Snares. MY SO-CALLED LIFE contains ten new tracks where Aaron, as usual, free his musical craziness giving life to chaotic rhythmic collages where vocal samples, chunk of orchestral camera samples and the usual fast like hell dubstep/breakbeat, i.d.m. style give their best to create tornadoes of sound. The main title closes the album and along with tracks like "Goodbye9/Hello10" made my evening, thanks to a good blend of crazy rhythms, melody and dramatic atmospheres (check how the violins along with the breakbeat rhythms are able to create something innovative and tragic at the same time). Each track has been created into two days of work and Aaron structured this album like it was a record of those days using irony (I laugh out loud listening to "Aaron 2" where medieval like trumpets were introducing Aaron, whose heart was filled with hatred) and great sounds like a sword.