Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Midnight Configuration
Title: Redemption of the Physical World
Format: CD
Label: Nightbreed (@)
Distributor: EFA
This is probably Nightbreed's main act, as some staff members are actually part of MD's line up and the band has achieved a quite important status in UK's post-goth-indus underground. For a change we don't have to deal with the same old goth crap that some bands out there keep playing decade after decade without ever changing a bit, "Redemption of the Physical World" is actually different and therefore more interesting and appealing to me... I was very surprised by their "Devil Dance" track, as they've seem to come up with a weird country-industrial-dance mixture I've never met before. Can you picture violins and benjos in an industrial-dance context with gothic attitude and a dark evil approach? The other tracks grew distant from that one (which could be good or bad, according to point of views) but at least they kept the intense peace and the good programming. Vocals are always deep, down-pitched and overly treated (where by overly, I don't necessary mean bad, but just extremely un-naturally...) but the mixture of pumping and bombastic electronics with a wall of guitar really seems to be doing it for me! Headbangers, grufties and techno-freaks can all enjoy it, maybe even open minded party goers could find something intriguing about it. It reminded me of several things from the past and the present, including Krupps, FLA at times. Fast, throbbing, never stopping, powerful, angry, almost violent, continuously changing and never boring. The new Midnight Configuration is working for me! Also distributed by in the US and PHD in the UK.


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