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Lords of Acid + My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult: 30 July 2010

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Live Act(s): Lords of Acid + My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Event Date: 30 July 2010
Type of Event: Big Stage Concert
Venue: Gramercy Theater / Blender Theater
Promoter/Organizer: Live Nation
Rated: *****
Long life to sex, drugs and industrial'n'roll!
Belgian Lords of Acid's first US tour in 8 years seems to be going well, at least judging by the turnout in New York. People seem to remember not just them but also every word of their songs' explicit lyrics. I was very impressed with the sonic and visual impact of their set. The original member Praga Khan sings and jumps around the stage with a ton of energy, all while violently rattling his keyboards and microphone stands. His fiance doesn't move with much rhythm but is an eye candy for the goths in the crowd when she comes out with her latex suits, whip and gas mask. Even foxier than her though is the new singer Lacey Conner (from the industrial rock band Nocturne but maybe best known in the US for being on that Bret Michaels reality TV show) who spent the whole night pulling up her super short latex shirt and singing her cute butt off. She danced, touched herself, sang and screamed all night long and proved she sure knows how to handle herself and the mic and really deliver on the stage. The rest of the band was actually really great too. With members of Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Powerman 5000 and Society One it should really come as no surprise! Everything was right about this show. Their stage presence was great: the easy on the eye female appearances, the super-tall and cymbal-crowded drum set which worked well with the electronic drum loops in the background, the sexually charged lyrics and performances and the aggressive arrangements featuring a full live band (drums, bass, distorted guitar). The band also invited girls from the crowd to join them on stage for "Spank My Booty" and their "Pussy" encore. It all made for a really entertaining show and the music was really good and sounded great (the Blender/Gramercy theater has a great sound system which too contributed in the delivery).

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult was also very good. The original members Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy were joined on stage by Levi Levi on bass. Their set was a little more static (maybe partly due to the fact that they didn't have live drums) but their set list pleased the crowds and they too brought on a latex-covered female singer (from The Bomb Gang Girlz, Sinderella Pussie and Jacky Blaque) to keep in style with the night's theme.

Lords of Acid and Thrill Kill Kult did a joint tour back in 1995 called Sextacy Ball tour and this new 2010 tour marks the 15th anniversary of that and is called Sextreme Ball 2010 (updates and info at http://www.sextremeball.com/)

Unfortunately I missed the openers Blownload but I heard they were great and the music between sets was being selected by Vampire Freaks' DJ Deathwish and I was digging the selections a lot!


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