Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Elaste vol.3 compiled by Dompteur Mooner
Format: CD
Label: Compost Records (@)
Rated: *****
Entrusted to the wise course of Dompteur Mooner, the third volume of the appreciated compilation Elaste is going to be something more than a stylish relic for nostalgic people, missing shoulder padded jackets, pailettes, sprayed hairdoes or preferably Kano tunes propelling rushing disco-nights in some brimful club of the roaring 80ies and most of the golden illusions embellishing the crawling canvas of the yuppie generation. This Munich-based producer ' he's been part of Florian Senfter's crossover project Zombie Nation, whose smash remixed hit Kerkraft 400 landed in highest peaks of dance charts all over the world-, dj and label manager (he founded both Erkrangung durch Musique, a label mainly exploring left-field, electronic, techno and experimental pop, vintage and nu, and Love In C-Minor, a countdown label which is going to be stopped after 10 releases, founded together with his wife Pollyester), whose tastes have been fatally influenced by Italo-disco B-sides, cassettes containing mysterious samples of electro, acid, rock, krautrock and punk-funk as well as by the wild Club Le Bomb days ' being the last mentioned act a sort of anti-techno-wildstyle club, hosted with some of his art-academy friends nearby a forsaken hydroelectric power plant in Munich downtown - is neither a dummy nor a newcomer ' you should book a flight to Munich as well as an entrance ticket for the famous Club Die Registratur to have an indisputable evidence of the elegant plus he's able to add to Munich's nightlife, but listening to Dompteur's selection for Elaste could be enough! -.

Among the 14 tracks, re-found in different old-mix cassettes from the early 80ise, mainly the ones recorded by Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli, he's managed to find many lost love letters, being my favorites the emblematic trash-disco of Maccaroni Radio (what an eloquent name for an italo-disco track!), Moebius' Urth ' a funny example of the primordial stage of cosmic disco -, the afro-coated beat of Jamaica Running by The Pool, the bizarre dub mix of Toto's Africa by Key Of Dreams ' taken from an issue by the legendary Baby Records -, the stunning uberpop by Riccardo Cioni & D.J.F.T. , the Depeche Mode-sound shadows on Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler's The Shark Eats Ice and Dompteur Mooner's of Neon Man by Phantom Band. Very good and somewhat inspirational relic, even if more fitted to those nostalgic djs and dancers still weeping for those light-ball illuminated nightclubs and its glittering galaxy'¦