Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: S.P.Q.R.
Format: 10"
Label: HauRuck! S.P.Q.R. (@)
Rated: *****
After his recent collaborations with Malato, Circus Joy, Silent Pistols and The Sentinels, the ex Ain Soph's member Claudio Giammarini is back with a 10" recorded under the monicker Claudedi E Nemici (ideally giving in this way his tribute to a record he loves recorded by Boyd Rice And Friends). Produced and recorded by Ain Soph's member Marcello Fraioli and with the collaborations of Ain Soph live members GP Cioni ( P38Punk ) e Steve Stroll (Malato), Claudio split the two sides of the record giving to the lovers of minimal folk'n'roll three original songs "L'inizio di una nuova fine", "Immobile sul freddo marmo" and "Lacrime e santi" (song he composed originally for Ain Soph and released in a limited CD-r given free at one concert they did in Rome back in 2002). Mostly played with acoustic guitars and a bass drum/snare drum set, the three tracks aren't focused on musical virtuosity (deep in his heart Claudio has always been a punk rebel) but are able to talk to the heart. On side B you'll find two covers of Italian music legends: Decibel (band that recorded only two albums of which the first has been one of the first punk records) and Faust'o (Roman songwriter, Fausto Rossi gave life to great songs based on true life lyrics like the ones of "Benvenuti Tra I Rifiuti" or "Suicidio"). "Lsd flash" is a punk song picked up from the debut Decibel album and "Il lungo addio" is a new wave electronic originally recorded in 1979 and played by Claudedi E Nemici keeping true its original arrangement. Nice!