Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: VOIDWORK (@)
Title: Horror / Forsaken
Format: CD
Label: Black Drone
Rated: *****
Released by the Australian label Black Drone, HORROR / FORSAKEN is the first proper CD album for Voidwork, musical project composed by Xavier De Schuyter and Ann-Mari Thim (member also of Arcana and Seventh Harmonic). Inspired by early 20th Century horror literature and modern horror cinema, Voidwork is willing to create haunting atmospheres and by listening to the double feature album HORROR / FORSAKEN, I can only record that they succeeded into their aim. The first part (the one that sounds more immediate also for an occasional listener) is focused on folk melodies but without proposing the usual guitar / percussions based sound, the duo, mixed dark ambient atmospheres with chants and litanies creating a sort of dark ambient version of early Dead Can Dance. Tracks like "Marble steps" or the obsessive cyclic melodies of piano and percussion duet on "The serpent's lullaby II" and on "The descent" for sure will convince you. The second part (FORSAKEN), starts with "Akhenathon", an acoustic song that sound like a malediction and follows with "Ghostlight", "Forsaken", "Pillars", "Circle", "Nightmare" and "Crave", tracks which are focused on cinematic dark ambient atmospheres with piano inserts here and there and minimal melodic lines. Personally I found the first part really great (various, personal and enchanting), while the second creates a good hypnotic ambience but a bit usual for dark ambient music.


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