Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Kabutogani
Title: Bektop
Format: CD
Label: Mille Plateaux (@)
Distributor: Intergroove
Rated: *****
Glitch music can be structured ' I guess, that this is the most important result, a listener of this special kind of Electronica music can extract out of this release. To release it via the label Mille Plateaux, part of the Vertical label group, fits well, since this label has taken a leading role to offer this experimental form of Electronica music since years. By completely trusting into the abilities to transform all rhythmical ingredients into that Glitch/Clicks 'n' Cuts genre, the accompanying music rather consists of minimal field recordings, noisy soundscapes and at times obscure frequency manipulations. This is a very own form of Avantgarde/Electronica, although very minimal operated. Not useable for Chill-Out sessions, as I guess, that the overall cold sound environment would rather scare the audience. No stuff for the dancefloors either, as this music turns too far into the experimental genre. Rather music especially dedicated to fans of Glitch and IDM, who aren't afraid of to check out a more dark and drowning fx-modulated sound design under a good pair of headphones.