Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: I/DEX
Title: Layers
Format: CD
Label: Lagunamuch Records (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
A new production of the Russian underground Electronica-scene brought to us by Lagunamuch Records. I/DEX seems to be a one-man project, consisting of the Belarusian Electronica-musician Vitaly Harmash. Under his pseudonym I/DEX, Vitaly was able to come out with three previous releases, mostly all available as downloads via the Ukrainian Nexsound and the French Cold Room netlabels. 'Layers' comes out in a beautiful digipack-artwork, created once again by Artur Berent (ABSTRACT AVENUE) ' not his first graphical work, but one of his finest so far. 'Layers' is an aptly chosen title for this album full of atmospheric and in parts hypnotic soundscapes, which at least transforms this album to be a much more experimental-minded outfit than any of the previous discovered releases of this fine Moscow-based label. This sound environmental reminds in parts a bit on MEWARK, also out on Lagunamuch, and similar featured experiments under the Reason software area. But against to MEWARK or FLEXKIKS, 'Layers' leaves out nearly all rhythmically attitudes ' which makes it at least a bit challenging, to follow all tracks on album length, if you're in a rush. This music isn't designed to spin it as a simple background noise, it rather needs attention. More experimental-minded stuff than expected, this release offers beauty, but also fragility synth sound environments. Worth to spend some time for a listen.