Monday, September 28, 2020
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ION: Immaculada

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Artist: ION
Title: Immaculada
Format: CD
Label: Equilibrium Music
Duncan Patterson with the newest Ion album IMMACULADA is ideally continuing the path started with 2006 album "Madre potregenos". This time the eight ballads of IMMACULADA have been inspired by Duncan's travels between Ireland and Greece and for this reason the Gaelic influences of his music, this time, meet the rhythm percussionism of Mediterranean tradition. Tracks like "Adoration" or the following "Damhsa Na Gceithre Ghaoth" show very well the blend created where Celtic guitar and flute melodies meet joyful or ritualistic rhythms. As for the previous album, Duncan, has different vocal guests. For IMMACULADA he has been joined by her sister Aoife Cuthbert, Mark Kelson (of The Eternal) and gothic/alternative muse Vic Anselmo as well as other voices from Argentina, Mexico, Romania or Brazil. The final result is a sort of world melting pot where ethnic instruments (flutes, uillean pipes) meet cello, violin, acoustic guitars, keyboard pads and piano just to form a musical experience where Duncan's feelings are exposed to the audience.


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