Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Black Propaganda
Format: CD
Label: Pale Music
Rated: *****
Originally formed in Los Angeles in 2007, Informer are a trio consisting of longtime friends Johanna Sadonis (vocals and also a member of Berlin's Potok), Rayshele Teige ( vocals and bass) and Ashburn Miller (programming and guitars). When Johanna moved back to Berlin in 2008 they didn't split and decided to work at distance to this album due to the popular demand by DJs and Clubs in Los Angeles and Berlin. BLACK PROPAGANDA has eleven tracks that sound like a blend of post punk ("Crimes" recall me melodically early Siouxsie & The Banshees and "Not a game" a bit Blondie), electro and 80s dark wave. The band mix energetic guitar riffs, synth sweeps, electro minimalism (like on "Murder", which sounds good for the reformed Soft Cell) and spy atmospheres. Songs like "Mods boys", "Electric" and "Wires" are instant alternative dance floor killers but the whole album reserve more than a surprise thanks to a well balanced tracklisting. Offer your neck to Informer's black gloves...


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