Monday, July 6, 2020
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SOLVENT: Subject To Shift

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Title: Subject To Shift
Format: CD
Label: Ghostly International
Rated: *****
Six years after his latest studio album "Apples and synthesizers", Jason Amm is back with a new one titled SUBJECT TO SHIFT. Released always on Ghostly, it is available on digital format, CD and double LP (on this you won't find the short opening "Elevator up" and "Unknown caller" plus "Don't forget to phone" have been replaced by "Echo on your voice", and "Red and metal"). This new album finds Solvent in a perfect shape and ready to please lovers of analog synth sounds. The tracklist of CD edition (the one I'm reviewing) is well balanced and it has eleven songs: we pass from the upbeat dance rhythms of "Formulate" (check its acid TR-303 sounds) and "No one should be living here" (it has distorted drum beats, dark atmospheres and cool fragmented vocal samples) to suspended in time instrumentals "Elevator up", "A product of the process", "Unknown caller", "Life size image" and "Panoramic" passing through menacing mid tempos ("Take me home" has slowed down vocals which create a great atmosphere with the windy grinding synth sound and the minimal drum machine beats) and great upbeat synthpop songs (some of them with clean vocals) like "Caught a glimpse", the great dreamy pop of the single "Loss for words" and "Don't forget to phone". I think that SUBJECT TO SHIFT is the best Solvent album to date as it has many different atmospheres and is able to switch from synthpop upbeat songs to mid tempo instrumentals carrying the listeners through a pleasant trip, making them wanting to take another ride.


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