Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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TRIKE: Trike And The Vikings

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Artist: TRIKE
Title: Trike And The Vikings
Format: CD
Label: Cheap Satanism (@)
Rated: *****
After three self made album, the Canadian synth extravaganza duo Trike are landing for their new album, on the Belgian label Cheap Satanism. They won $20,000 on Canadian television/radio competition 'The Gong Show', landing a Yamaha Equipment Sponsorship, performing over 200 shows in Europe and had their 'The New Album' reach number 6 on Canadian Kootenay radio and that's quite something. The fourteen songs of their first studio album are in balance between joyous synthpop and acoustic guitarism with tons of 80s influences which goes to The Specials (check the blow section of the opening "Player in love"), the B-52s or English indie pop labels like Postcard Records or Sarah Records. Their music reflects their approach to life as to me they seem to be free from any boundaries, so if "The trikey" sounds dancey, "Smack me around" could be perfect for Franz Ferdinand (so at least they would do something good after their debut album) and "Politics of love" sounds good as a melancholic Blur tune. At first TRIKE AND THE VIKINGS sounded like a joke to me but after a couple of spins I realized that Trike are playing but in a deadly serious way. Check their video for "my little pony", it made my day...


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