Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: ITAL TEK
Title: Midnight Colour
Format: CD
Label: Planet Mu
Rated: *****
Second album on Planet Mu for Ital Tek, MIDNIGHT COLOUR contains thirteen new tracks that are slightly different from the ones of the 2008 album "Cyclical". Alan Myson's debut album was mixing dubstep sounds to cinematic atmospheres keeping high the level of distorted square waves. MIDNIGHT COLOUR, instead, has vocal guests or samples vocals (the closing "Restless Tundra" features Anneka and it sounds sensual and nightly), house influences and rarefied atmospheres that weren't present on the previous album. The raw sounds have been sedated (they haven't been removed from the new tracks) and now Ital Tek sound spectrum has widen thanks to soft synth pads and a richer drum sounds palette. Doing a paragon, if "Cyclical" ideally incarnates the energies of a party that has just begun, MIDNIGHT COLOUR is the sound of its end, when you drive back home while the streetlights paint colored stripes on your windshield...