Monday, July 6, 2020
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Artist: Mirt (@)
Title: Handmande Man
Format: CD
Label: cat|sun (@)
Distributor: MonotypeRec.
Rated: *****
According bizarre David Christianus instructions, the alchemical beast known as Homunculus could be created by injecting human sperm throughout the hole in the shield of an egg by a black hen, then sealed by virgin's skin for thirty days ' don't try it at home, folks! -; according to alchemists, if you do everything in a correct way ' someone argued you should take the sperm from the final ejaculations of an hanged man'¦ that's just one of the reason I suggested it's better do not try similar experiments by yourself! -, this creature is going to become your humble servant'¦Well, this mythical being permeates the conceptual aspect of the fifth solo release by Mirt, a skilled Polish musician and graphic designer, former front-man of One Inch Of Shadow as well as member of Brasil and The Gallowbrothers, maybe one of the last experimental musicians totally refusing the use of computers-aided sound design and still faithful to that Carthusian approach to the audio-montage, based on edits and magnetic tapes, normally requiring more concentration on assembling different parts of the track. Even if a conceptual album normally contains other allegories and side meanings, it's impossible deny the narrative aspect of this release, underlined by the plenty of field recordings 'mainly natural soundscapes rich of murmuring waves, singing birds and chirping insects -, supporting the delicate intertwining of guitar and acoustic sounds in some tracks (Homunculus 1, Homunculus 2, Music Of The Frogs 1 'one of the most 'chaotic' amidst the 8 tracks - and the uterine Glass Mother, one of my favorite recording of the album).

The title-track itself, Handmade Man ' the only real song, whose structure reminded to me the typical post-rock 'packaging', enfilled with a certain sense of subcutaneous melancholic anxiety -, induced my mind to imagine this being dramatically translating into music his sense of inadequacy after a shipwreck (on a ship made up from an empty plastic bag on an island of smelly mire at the borders of peripheral road'¦). But the best piece of advice I could say in order to better appreciate Mirt's work is to use your own imagination for your personal storytelling spleen till the final piano-driven Right Hand Without Fingers, which together with the previous track, Burnt Words Of Moai, features those day-dreaming and delicate atmospheres which are able to highlight the secret aura of this alchemic creature. Mirt's questions about Homonculus according to the info-sheet on Handmade Man were 'How such a being would perceive the world?' or 'What the asylum for Homunculus would look like?', but after I perceived in the general feeling of the record a subtle critic of human stupidity, greed and fanaticism from which this nice little creature seems to run away I've asked to myself 'How long do you think an Homunculus will last in our world?''¦ The only surest thing about its life expectation is that he will live in listener's mind at least for the duration of this record! Handmade Man is also available on a very limited deluxe edition housed in a special wooden box which listener's can connect to his own amplifier and treat like a musical instrument!


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