Monday, July 6, 2020
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Title: Illusion Of Movement
Format: CD
Label: M-Tronic
Wild Shores is a French collective existing since the early nineties that's active into video art, installation, performance field as well as festival organizations (they organize and promote the Artooz Festival in Limoges since 1996) and ILLUSION OF MOVEMENT is their latest album. The new eight tracks have been recorded live during the 1996-1998 period and then mastered in 2007, so in this case we could talk about a lost album. Presenting synth ambient atmospheres mixed with ethnic vocal samples, hard mid tempos, sub bass lines and whispered vocals, the band hasn't the typical approach to electronic music: they tend to have a spontaneous approach to machines as they want to keep the primitive spark into their sound (only the closing "Tom Horn song" is a bit different as it sounds like an electronic psychedelic blues song). Probably is for that reason that the tracks sound like a mantra that slowly grows. Their label call them "hypnotic songs with a shamanic feeling" and I agree with them. They sound kinda haunting, repetitive, minimal and create the love or hate them effect. On the CD you'll find also a multimedia track called "Substrate". It is a sonographic module created by Servovalve with sounds created by the band. A good example of their visual art...


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