Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Haruki
Title: Snowed In Food Shelter
Format: CD EP
Label: Klanggold (@)
Rated: *****
Haruki is one of the artist who are trying to mix acoustic and digital sound sources. His music is constructed using two lines: one line is a soundscape (noisy or drone), the other is the resonance of an acoustic instrument. This could sound simple but, because he doesn't juxtapose, when the resonance sink into the soundscape, the music has its charme.
The album has five songs "Animals all over the table" where sharp guitar notes color large grains of noise; "a chair is for reaching out" with a clarinet and a calmer sounscape introuduces us to a quieter listening experience. The album ends with "how to bend over in 5 movements" with softly nuances of resonance. "Your flowers are dripping" and "There are things we should have talked about" are doomy pieces based on piano resonance which act as a bridge to the various atmospheres of the record.
This is, unfortunately, a brief album, just half an hour, but a good pick if you like calm records to relax after a working day.


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