Friday, July 3, 2020
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Black Hole Nine: Velocidad de Escape

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Artist: Black Hole Nine (@)
Title: Velocidad de Escape
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Again a goodie rather happened by chance while scrolling through undiscovered areas of the MySpace community, this free available album by the Venezuelan duo BLACK HOLE NINE has made it on my table. Consisting of Siva Black (voice, programming, synths, sequences) and Kaiper (guitar, programming, synths, sequences), this duo plays an energetic form of Harsh EBM/Industrial, which offers a slight 'exotic' touch and a few sound-wise surprises too. First of, their sound is generally not that obviously Techno-/Trance-driven compared to some South-American colleagues. Abrasive guitar riffs are an 'allowed' ingredient for the BH9 sound-cocktail, accompanied with some surprisingly emotional vocals. Besides that expected doze of danceable and straight-forward pounding tracks like 'Black Hole Nine', 'Shinigami', or 'Hey God (Fuck Politics, Fuck Religion)', they are able to install some rather dark and scary sounding collages ' those fine experiments into darker sound-territories are welcomed and offer them a rather own and authentic sound-identity. At least, also the US-based label Shinto Records ( has paid some attention to this duo and has placed them on their last years' compilation 'Sin Factory'. So a lot of good points and talent behind this project, so that they should be able to play a leading role not only in their home country, but maybe at the whole South-American continent too.


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