Friday, August 14, 2020
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Title: Brighter Than The Sun
Format: CD
Label: D-Monic
Active since the mid eighties, Sweet William during the years released albums for labels such as Big Noise Rec., Dion Fortune, Hyperium, Datakill, etc. Their latest album has been recently released by D-Monic, French label which is a subdivision of M-Tronic. The fourteen tracks of BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN mix goth rock melodies, electronic arrangements and new wave melancholy. Passing from the mid tempos of the opening "Be around" arriving to the psychedelic dark ballad "Nowhere rd." Sweet William pass through the electronic wave of "Lonely bedroom" (maybe the song I preferred) and the pulsating goth electronic of "So long". Using different approaches for every song the band sound is characterized by a sort of melancholic energy thanks to the warm voice of Oliver Heuer and to the electronic rock wave atmospheres created by Frank Breuer and Markus Gerlach.


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