Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Darling Kandie
Title: People Next Door
Format: CD
Label: Underground, Inc.
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This is one psychotic yet hard hitting head trip collaboration between TKK's Groovie Mann and William Tucker known mostly for his work with Ministry but also worked with KMFDM and Pigface. Groovie Mann's photography is featured in the CD and as Underground, Inc. puts it, "instantly underlines him as a twisted agent provocateur. The photos form a crispy creme kocktail party of lust, decadence & indulgence.". This album musically is a strange mix of lounge, swing, industrial, rock, and psychedelica. Vocally it is somewhere in between TKK and RevCo with a taste of Daniel Ash at times. Big synth heavy bass carries many of the tunes and you'll hear lot of the horn interludes similar to what you might hear in TKK only bigger and less 'sampled' sounding. This is a very dark album with a psychotic and sexual twist. Imagine several individuals an alone in their respective apartment rooms - lonely and half insane, not to mention likely a bit sex crazed. That might give you taste of the psychological tone of the album. Take that and amplify it to a Big Swing beat and Industrial technique and you might get an idea of the sound. No TKK fan's collection should be without this. Amazing, I've always like Groovie Mann live and wondered what he'd do on his own and we finally have a taste of his own twisted toxic cocktail concoction. A huge twist on this release begins when you get to "Secret Ceremony" which is more of a 70's psychedelic rock tune with some Indian belly dance to it. I especially love the hysterical sample at the end, "This is no dream, this is really happening." With this and the title track especially you can hear the Underground, Inc. influence with the Indian drumming and other sound structures combined with industrial experimentation. The title track vocally is nothing but samples which when combined create a practically mystical perspective - things like, "Open your mind to me", "one spirit", "come to me now", "they have one mind", "one will", "you are the one", "I am the way", "I'm you and you're me", "the dark side", "this is your eternity". All of these come from a wide array of places like different movies and such - and are all chopped together and looped. Very cool!! I have to remember that for one of my next pagan broadcasts. "Randy Road" is a hilarious track because it's all female samples saying stuff like "will do me a favor and eat my pussy for me please". Oh and "Younglam" sounds like it is VERY T-Rex inspired - fuck yeah. This is just a fraction of the album. The whole thing is one crazy mind fuck!! You'll love it and the last track will likely give you chills.


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