Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Electroacoustic Music Vol. VIII
Format: CDx2 (double CD)
Label: Electroshock (@)
Distributor: Eurock
What better way to close the batch of new releases from Electroshock than with one of their "Electroacoustic Music" series compilation? It's time for the eight volume and it gets quite freaky and experimental on this one. The songs are mostly from the last couple of years by artists such as: Lisa Walker [Canada] and her underwater violin performance with whale sounds; Claire Laronde [France] and her crazy pitched and improvised chaotic piano playing; NY-based Milica Paranosic [Yugoslavia] (also member of D'Divaz) and her short four-compositions suite "Lulla" that portrays jazzy and vanguardish experimental work with a vivid folk heritage; Vivian Adelberg Rudow [US] and the circus-ish sounds of e-space-ri-mental galactic nowave; Jukka Ruohomaki [Finland] and the escalating four-part airy and windy ambient-trance "Necromancer Suite"; Robin Julian Heifetz [US] and the political improvisational experimental piece that symbolizes the tragic oppression brought upon the American Indians by the US government; Christopher Andrew Arrell [US] and his voice-only experiment based on triggered sampled parts of speech in different languages including Italian, German, French, English, Spanish and maybe more I didn't recognize; Diego Minciacchi [Italy] and his twelve and a half minutes long sophisticated sonic mosaic of found sounds, field recordings, modulating waveforms, voices and synthesized sounds; Gary Di Benedetto [US] and his experiment entitled "A Drop in the Bucket" uniquely based on the sound of a water drop repeatedly falling in a bucket for more than twelve minutes dynamically inserting differently pitched or different kind of drops samples and underlaying ambience noises; and Chaos As Shelter [Israel] (aka Vadim Gusin) and his "Death of Bellflower" song with prominent bell-sounding metallic sounds, oniric floor noises, low screeching disturbances etc. Another open window on the international variety of how electro-acoustic music is perceived and interpreted.


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