Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Raoul Sinier (@)
Title: Tremens Industry
Format: CD + DVD
Label: Ad Noiseam
Rated: *****
The intriguing creative and operational skills of the Parisian digital painter and electronic musician Raoul Sinier have been already disclosed when Ad Noiseam decided to issue its very first release with his real name (and not by using his moniker Ra), Huge Samurai Radish '“ if you miss the "radish-o-phobic" nice clip, you'll find it in the nice DVD attached to this oeuvre - in 2007, whose sinister noises, crackling beats and static melodies colliding with multicolored poisoned baits of grating crunched sounds could just be considered as a sort of sonic manifestation of its painting attitudes. Tremens Industry, the logical link of the heavy chain crafted through its previous releases (as the listener's going to experience something similar to a sort of hybridization between the crunched hip hop crumbles dropped in Wxfdswxc2 and the stormy corrugated meatballs of sounds cooked in Brain Kitchen), is the best occasion to appreciate both sides of this contemporary craftsman, whose experiments with video and audio-clips could be considered complementary as well.

From the musical viewpoint, the fearful Tremens Industry (a sort of allegorical transliteration of a fervid and tireless creative mind getting wicked after a prolonged operative session?!?! A monstrous mutation that could be perfect to describe the freaky figments of Sinier's imagination!!!) looks more accessible than his past works, maybe for the presence of some songs (such as The Hole '“ we like the bizarre wit of its lyrics... watch related clips on the DVD for a visual transposition, folks!!! -, the rough metallic alloying of Elle A Raison, the lovely Boxes '“ one of my favorite "French-touched" tracks... - and List Of Things '“ a more hip-hop oriented tune reminding to us the golden era of Funkstorung-like electronic moistures on the classic hopping rhythmical pattern), composed mainly by vocal "clutches" on catching drum patterns and melodic lines derived from its self-made guitar (a specific video documentary among the extras will explain how to build a similar one step-by-step!!!), alternated with cool electronic pieces and some charming tracks in a unique coherent composition, introduced by the estranged effect induced by Overthoughts, a track which seems to be built on the typical electronic jingles used for broadcasted TV news '“ we like this kind of ironic insertions! -. Even if some episodes look slightly creepy and gritty '“ a dark recipe which doesn't harm its stylish formula... could you tell Burton's characters will preserve their attraction if deprived of their gothic appeal for instance? -, we'll glad to rediscover Sinier's crease-proof "playfulness" is the same as ever.

The second part of Tremens Industry (the visual one) consists of a DVD (with English & German subtitles)crammed by cartoons, 3d animations and some cool portraits grabbed from Sinier's "reality" among which I enjoyed the frightening La Peau du Soldat (translation: The Soldier's Skin) and its funny psychotic narration featuring some mute characters which seem to be just some multiplied identities of the narrator. Shorts, freaks, animations, eccentric characters (after the above-mentioned army of violent radishes, the dramatic funny gastronomic saga of food prompted by evil intentions is going to keep on throughout a troublesome chicken's breast... a really daily torment indeed!!! ) will surely entertain you and supposedly you'll be delighted by Sinier's attempt to involve the beneficiary of this release in its creative universe by including an how-to about his self-made guitar and some cool samples of speed painting powered by his MAC... don't call it just IDM ( ... and don't forget to call the cruel robot from the second videoclip index!!!)!


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