Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Title: For Electronics And Piano
Format: CD
Label: Muzyka Voln (@)
Sphere Rex is the solo project of one of the Cyclotimia guys and FOR ELECTRONICS AND PIANO is his first album. Released with in cooperation with the Moscow label Monopoly Records and the Voronezh label Shadowplay Records, FOR ELECTRONICS AND PIANO contains five tracks that I could file under ambient minimalism, even if this definition would be reductive. The fact is that Sphere Rex approached the recordings with a straight conceptual idea in its mind. Focusing the sound on piano and analogue devices (with the purpose of keeping the original sound idea, tube preamps and compressors from the 60s and 70s have been used) the tracks have been recorded combining minimal ambient electronic sounds (following the path that Brian Eno explored) and piano improvisations based on the proto-ambient ideas of Erik Satie. The final result is quiet and destabilizing at the same time, because while little melodic piano parts "fluctuate" here and there, waves of electronic bleeps create a little more experimental ambience.


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