Thursday, August 6, 2020
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The Dawn Visitors: The Ashes will never be cold...

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Artist: The Dawn Visitors (@)
Title: The Ashes will never be cold...
Format: CD
Label: The Brass Collective (@)
Cute Belgian female singer Roxane ain't new to the electro/dark/goth scenes. She's been playing keys and singing for over ten years with the bands The Dark Rebels and De Volanges and has finally decided that she should be alone, or at least lead her own fate and have musicians support her for the many live shows she's been performing. Announcing the forthcoming full lenght album "Ordal", this 50 copies limited edition demo MCD features four electro/goth tracks with punchy old fashioned synth lines, slow beats, melodic dark-ebm singing. The opening track "1989" is a total ebm anthem with fast raving beats and a title that makes me think of the Sisters while the other three songs go on the slower side and keep the melodic approach on the vocals. Overall very '80es sounding, so you know what to expect. One thing that is worth mentioning is the very original packaging of the CD, that comes in a transparent plastic shell (with a sticker) that you can't actually open, instead you sort of push a plastic button that pushes out the CD form the case... Never seen that one before, but really cool!


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