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System: FX, Grendel: 9 December 2009

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Live Act(s): System: FX, Grendel
Event Date: 9 December 2009
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Classic Grand
Rated: *****
By the time I got to Classic Grand club System: FX, the second support act, were already on stage. Their performance started smoothly and the English quartet overtly enjoyed playing for the Glasgow crowd. Glaswegians are known to be a warm, responding audience and they let the guests from the south feel very welcomed. The EBM beats pierced the air while the sound was truly good. Apart of some minor technical problems that did the party-vibe no harm the concert was successful.
System: FX finished the performance with "Total War" and the audience sang the chorus along: "We want total war". No need to take these words seriously. The band is no bunch of blood thirsty militarists. I guess they sing it to entertain the audience that likes it while having no clue about what a war is like.
The main act Grendel hit the stage shortly after 10pm. The live line of one live keyboardist in 2004 has got fortification by a live drummer which made the sound richer and less of a karaoke-like. [VLRK] led his men into the cyber battle waving his war banners high. The 70-80 people in the club joined the leader [VLRK] in this celebration of EBM-industrial. The set successfully combined Grendel’s classics with and the new material from the recent EP "Grendel: Forces" which was also very appealing to Glaswegians.
"Harsh Generation", "Void Malign", "Dirty", "New Flesh", "Soilbleed", "Pax Psychosis", "End of Ages" and others were all there, not necessarily in this running order. There were no technical hitches and the whole performance was very energetic and swept the audience away. Being through with the set VLRK introduced his partners in crime [M4RC] and [S42H], but instead of having some well earned rest they were called out to play encore. The show ended with "Zombie". Unbelievable, but this song is played in very mainstream clubs of Glasgow while the average chart music fans dance their behinds to the mighty tunes of "Zombie". They could’ve played another encore, I believe, but there’re only good things to say about Grendel’s live ability. The fans I talked to after the concert share this opinion completely.
There was an after-party on the lower floor afterwards. The whole party night was more or less through by the midnight which makes sense taking in account that most people had to go to work the very next day.


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